About Magia Poligrafi

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Our web magazine started many years ago when Christopher Chan, the founder of Magia Poligrafii, graduated from college. With a license in graphic design arts, he developed a dream of a website which would contain everything about the world of graphic design, that go from the art of creating a logo or image for a brand to a more technical and professional subjects such as  techniques on how to become a better graphic designer.

Christopher had his vision and a goal in mind. He realized that in order to achieve his dream and make it a reality, he would need the help of the most professional and hardworking graphic designers out there. Luckily, he contacted some colleagues that shared his vision and passion for graphic design and improvised a small team of five graphic designers to start writing quality articles about engaging themes regarding graphic design.

At the beginning of this journey, we faced many obstacles and with patience and working together as a team, we moved on and improved our abilities, and with time going by, Magia Poligrafii became something more professional.

Our team also developed their skills through this wonderful experience, and that can be percieved in the news and tips that they’re able to provide to the thousands of readers Magia Poligrafii enjoys having every single month.

We are compromised in presenting you with the most engaging articles about the most interesting news in the world of graphic design, all of this with the professionalism that makes Magia Poligrafii the greatest website for graphic designers, educating wide audiences about the new trends in this area.