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Broke at WAC: In doubt against FC Wacker

The team from Innsbruck had to admit defeat to the Carinthians 1:3 after a 1-0 break lead.

Wolfsberg – The trip to Lavanttal was not worth a visit for FC Wacker. In the Wolfsberger AC, the Tyroleans lost 1:3, thus taking their fifth defeat in the seventh round, drove back to Innsbruck rather frustrated and thus stuck in the lower half of the table. In addition there was a lot of trouble with the impartial Markus Hameter.

After the break whistle, the Black Greens marched relaxed into the cabin. Because the hosts fogged a few high-carat players – Marcel Ritzmaier and two headers from Dever Orgill and Marc Andre Schmerböck – FC Wacker played very efficiently.

Two chances, one goal – first striker Patrik Eler had bad luck after Henning flank with a header, then Martin Harrer sunk a dry shot from the edge of the penalty area into the short corner. The 26-year-old Styrian’s fourth goal of the season and at the same time the end of the first half, which was optimal from the Tyrolean point of view.

Dever Orgill Honors 

Vancouver Whitecaps
  • USL First Division (1): 2008
IFK Mariehamn
  • Finnish Cup (1): 2015
  • Veikkausliiga (1): 2016 

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Whatever was discussed in the cabin was completely different. First a Ritzmaier free-kick landed at the crossbar, then Stefan Rakowitz attacked WAC striker Schmerböck in the penalty area and Hameter immediately decided on the penalty kick. A penalty kick that you can give, but that doesn’t necessarily have to whistle. One of many decisions of the referees with which the Wacker pros did not agree at all.

The experienced Michael Liendl turned safely to the 1:1. With the second goal of the wolves there were then no more excuses. After a Liendl corner, the strong Mario Leitgeb pushed the ball with his head into the goal. Previously, U21 team player Dominik Baumgartner had given the Wacker lead by head.

The fact that FCW coach Karl Daxbacher had to follow the last 20 minutes from the stands because of criticism fit into the picture. The last time the “Sir Karl” happened was seven years ago as Austria coach. “The penalty kick, which was not a penalty for me, was absolutely decisive and turned the game around. Rakowitz was half a meter higher and the Schmerböck also put his back up. In general, I have the feeling that the whistle is blowing against Innsbruck at the moment,” Daxbacher was annoyed after the final whistle and then immediately added: “There were many decisions to be questioned, the third goal of the Wolfsberg team was also preceded by a clear foul on Maak.”

In the end, FC Wacker, as in most previous games, was able to do more, but that was once again a weak consolation. Especially as the numbers also spoke for the Carinthians: 3-1 victory, 61 percent ball possession, more duels won and five points ahead of the fifth in the table. Plush Bingo’s new players get an opportunity to claim generous welcome bonus of up to £3000 free bingo in the first week.