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In Magia Poligrafii, there’s no doubt about the quality of our articles and the effort that our beloved staff put in every piece of content we’re able to present.

Magia Poligrafii is the way it is thanks to this constant effort and love that our writers has for the graphic design, and is for this same reason that we wish maintain Magia Poligrafii as the incredible and complete site that is today.

Not only that but we desire to expand Magia Poligrafii and that our articles and helpful information can reach and help every single graphic designer that needs assistance or wants to be informed about this area.

One of our main incomes is the donations of readers who care enough for the site, but sadly, this isn’t enough to sustain Magia Poligrafii, that’s why we’re on the mission of finding the best sponsor and other funding sources to advertise with us.

Magia Poligrafii is a big site and our daily visits can prove that, so a primary advertiser would be more than enough to help us grow and achieve our main goal of providing the most complete and best material to all the graphic designers or readers that want to be update to the latest trends in the world of graphic design.

Our goal is not too complex, and with a little extra help, we can make it a reality. If you want to donate money to Magia Poligrafii or you wish to become our primary advertiser, you can contact us any time you want and we’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.