Tipico partnership

Tipico and football – it is a combination that has already for a long time as a very good game has proved. Thus it is no wonder that Tipico now is new partner of the Saxon Soccer Association. It is the first partnership between Tipico and one of the 21 German state associations. This is a premiere in Germany. The partnership is officially on 1. January 2017 in force.

First partnership between Tipico & a DFB national association of the bookmaker Tipico (Review) is new partner of the saxon Football Association (SFV). The new cooperation is a premiere in Germany. This is a cooperation between a sports betting providers and one of the 21 national associations of the German Football Association (DFB). The partnership will officially on 1. January 2017 will enter into force. However benefit the approximately 915 clubs in Saxony had already now from the cooperation.

Christina Gruber, the managing director of the Tipico Germany Marketing and Sales GmbH, is the new partnership as follows: For Tipico is this first Partnership with a DFB national association is an important building block in our grassroots football-promotion. Our approach is also here with the association and all associations to cooperate in terms of content. We will be as upstanding partner of the saxon football game in as many classes and competitions will be present and the development objectives of the SFV actively support at all levels”

What brings the Tipico partnership?

The bookmaker Tipico says the entire Saxon Soccer family its support in various areas. It is from the targeted promotion of football projects in structurally weak regions to prevention and education programs. To maintain the integrity in sport is the betting provider Tipico also his network and the proximity to the professional football in the partnership with ideas. Furthermore, within the framework of a cooperation with the sports article manufacturer Karstadt sports discounted brand jerseys and team sports clothing for the adult teams are obtained.

The SFV-President Hermann Winkler looks to the future with optimism, when he is at the cooperation with Tipico thinks: “Above all, our associations should be of the strategic partnership with Tipico benefit. The Jersey action by which all teams before the start of the season world champions single suffering, is just a first step in the process of large-scale width sports promotion. Our goal must be to ensure that the cooperation with our reliable partners, even in the smallest association arrive and the entire Saxon Soccer benefits from it. We are very happy with Tipico such a partner at our side, with which we have in the future will have many projects.” (Source: http://www.sportwetten24.com)