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The world of graphic design can be quite big counting all the types of subjects and variants that it possesses. Going from the creation of logos for apps and business to the all-you-need-to-know programs that are in the market and can help you find your style.

Graphic design in general can be an expression of art, and here in Magia Poligrafii, we know that and we secure this by presenting you with quality articles of all of these subjects. However as the time goes by, this task has proven to be quite challenging for our team of writers, as there are too many subjects to cover with the professionalism that we promote here. In Magia Poligrafii, it would take us years to even cover half of these subjects.

That’s one of the reasons that we are always searching for the best graphic designers that wish to tell us their secrets and tips and know how to design in innovative ways.

We invite all our readers that have knowledge in the area of graphic design to write for us or promote their work as a writers, not only you are helping hundreds of graphic designers who search us for knowledge, but you are also supporting this incredible magazine with your help.

If you desire to write and support Magia Poligrafii, you can always contact us and send us a message.