Vorarlberg slots village 2 - WSG Wattens: Project promotion into the Bundesliga takes shape Wattens

WSG Wattens: Project promotion into the Bundesliga takes shape Wattens

Anyone who leads the table in Austria’s second football league shortly before the halfway point of the season and calls for a meeting does not discuss the menu of the stadium canteen. On Monday evening the WSG Swarovski Wattens thought about the implementation of the licensing requirements – only those who fulfil them are allowed to move up. Burning topics:

Capital company: The outsourced GmbH for professional operations sets the course required by the Bundesliga. It is 100 percent owned by WSG Swarovski Wattens, only junior players, women and the second fighting team are classified in the original club. 540 Euro expense allowance (tax-free) – this is no longer possible in Austria’s top league.

Budget: Two scenarios have been prepared. Should it not be enough to advance, the existing budget (€ 2.8 million) will probably be maintained. 4.5 million seems conceivable for the hoped-for promotion project. Subsidies are not yet included in this sum, especially as the club is still calculating with second league payments this year and hopes for more support from the municipality later on. An important building block in the total for 2019/20: the television money of 1.7 million euros.

The comfort pavement: The licensing efforts swallow up money, the club steps into advance payment. In the event that the club is not promoted, it will receive a compensation payment of up to 250,000 euros from a Bundesliga pot. This would also cover the costs incurred.

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Kader:We represent the name Swarovski, we will certainly not take any risks“, Chief Financial Officer Hubert Vogelsberger states upon request. The squad must be increased to 25 professionals for the highest league, but this must be within budget despite the goal of maintaining the class. Slots Village has more than 100 slots, most o belonging to the five reel variety and some carry progressive jackpots.

Stadium question: Probably the most burning issue, because an ascent requires an increase in stadium capacity to 5000 covered seats as well as the installation of a lawn heating system. The sporting competition – BW Linz obviously does not want to move up, Ried (5 points back) even more so – could delay the decision until the last matchday (1 June 2019). Only seven weeks later, in a completely renovated Gernot Lange stadium, there is no time for all the eagerness.

Alternatives: The only thing that seems to be certain is that the WSG Wattens will probably not be able to play in Wattens in the year of promotion, but the Innsbruck-based Tivoli will remain as an alternative, as recently announced by coach Thomas Silberberger. The Olympiaworld would have been okay, but: Because the Bundesliga regulations don’t allow a third team besides Wacker and Wacker II, either the black-green foals have to dodge (to the already cheaper Gernot Long Stadium) – or Wattens is looking for an alternative outside the national borders in Salzburg and Vorarlberg.